Reply To: New cottage industry developing — cashing in on sex offender registration



According to this new law in Wyoming, those already residing there who are registered don’t have to pay the $150, as they are said to be “grandfathered”. This would suggest that maybe they are trying to keep this law constitutional, by not applying that cost retroactively, but those same people are required to pay the fee of $31.25 every time there is a change in registration information. Any cost to the registrant, regardless of what they call it, should be deemed as punitive, or further punishment, inadvertently creating a potential constitutional challenge.

If a law requires an action be taken by an individual or face consequences of failure to perform said action, that constitutes it being involuntary. No registrant volunteers to be placed on a registry. If any government wants the registry to exist, it should always be their responsibility to uphold the financial burden to keep it funded, not passing down that cost to the individuals who have no choice whether or not they are listed upon it. Regardless whether the state’s budget is healthy or depleting, if they can’t find a way to fund their registry without this kind of legislation, then I guess they shouldn’t have one.

No matter the reasoning and no matter the circumstance, taking even a single dollar from a registrant because they are one, is a money making, profitable yet disgusting business, and there should be a federal law written that prohibits such blatant extortion at any level.