Reply To: Vanderwall puts state on notice over new sex offender laws


Shirl Prince

Dear Robin Vanderwall, please contact me; it is very urgent. I need help. I am a mother in my 70’s. I have a son who was railroaded and sent to jail in 1992; he served 7 years for a crime he didn’t commit. The attorney I hired didn’t do the job we expected of him, and refused to help my son to prove him innocent. He just said to do a plea bargain (alford plea) and let him serve his time. He said he would get out in a few months. That did not happen, The DA changed his mind, and tricked us into a whole different situation. My problem now is getting my son off this sex offender registry. The DA’s office is finding ways to block him and telling us he is going to have to have an attorney. We are both on Soc.Sec. and can’t afford to pay an attorney. My son has been mentally handicapped since birth from a brain injury. Please contact me, asap so I can fill in the rest of his story. I think we can help one another, as I feel these laws are unjust and over done.