Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I just found out about this wonderful site via YOUTUBE video by watching “Mike Woodall: How the Sex Offender Registry has Broken My Family Apart” Which I have almost the same story…I was reading and found out about this news and blew me away! (in a good sense) I was already on the Megan’s law for 10’s and 5yrs probation for “child porn”, since 2009 and ended in 2014! Within my 2nd-3rd year being on probation my ex-wife took my 2 younger children to a therapist for a prior incident prior to the 2009 offence..(long story) either way, it happened to be when my ex and I made an agreement with custody of our 2 younger children aged 10 and 13. Realizing I would like to have more time with them then agreed upon, I called her, she didn’t like that, then within 2 days children and youth told me I couldn’t be with my children and then all hell broke lose! For a lesser offence of (1ct photographing, videotaping my Daughter and her friend nude)!No sexual contact, or sexual assault on either! 1ct Corruption of minors!
With that said, In 2010-2011, I was ordered another 5 yrs probation and retroactive to a life time registration on Megan’s law!

MY life has been hell, and I am in contact with my so called victim, whom My Daughter and I have been closer then ever since this whole thing has came to be revealed was not my daughters doing!

I hope this will resolve my case up!