Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry


Tiers are not based on any kind of reliable risk assessment or in most cases, there is no assessment at all. That is one of the problems often highlighted in fights against the registry.
Your charge alone is the primary factor used for determining your tier, and even that is vague as it doesn’t take into consideration how long ago the offense was, the age of the offender at the time. or a number of other factors that would determine a person’s tendency to re-offend in any other crime.
The way you worded this, one can conclude that you believe Maestro is a high risk to re-offend case, since he stated he is a tier III. I really doubt that is true in his case, and it troubles me that you are suggesting that Tier IIIs are on this level because an evaluation found them to be more likely to re-offend.
In my state there are 48,000 individuals on the registry. More than half of them are tier IIIs.