Reply To: Plan to fight in Texas (HB 23)


“Requiring that a person wear a scarlet letter when using any social networking would impose a significant restraint on his ability to communicate freely and anonymously on the Internet, and we believe that would clearly chill constitutionally protected speech.”

Ok, then tell Facebook to mind it’s own business and stop deleting profiles of people convicted of a sex offense when use of the internet is irrelevant since using public transportation is not off limits and IF a person WANTED to commit another sex crime against someone, all they need to do is walk down the street and FIND a victim. Use of the internet takes time with “grooming” and if parents cannot be parents and teach their underwear posting pre-teens to stop sending the wrong messages to onlookers, than perhaps the parents should be barred from having internet available in their precious little homes.

Also, if FaceBook will go out of their way to look someone up in order to make sure that user does not have asexual crime, why don’t they look up all the gang members on their site and delete them as a threat to public safety also?

Furthermore, dear full of crap corporate Facebook, a person does not have to be a registered sex offender with any previous criminal convictions to use ANY social media for the purposes of committing a crime they THINK they might get away with. Facebook, like society, thinks ONLY people who HAVE committed a crime will continue to do so. They FORGET that there was a time in that person’s life when there WAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD with the courts. So how about we take away any avenue where someone without a criminal record can find “victims” to have sex with by DELETING THE EXISTENCE OF FACEBOOK ENTIRELY? That’ll put an end to “social media dangers”. But they won’t DARE do that.

I firmly believe that a DAMN GOOD ATTORNEY can AT LEAST use that in their argument to the court (right in front of a FB representative) and see the LOOKS on their faces. Simply say: “Well, Mr “insert name of sued FB rep here” why don’t we just shut down Facebook entirely and that will not only put an end to existing sex offenders seeking out our young children, it will also stop future sex crimes from those who haven’t committed one yet or been caught yet. Since you are well aware that a person with a sex offense was not BORN with that offense. They had to commit the crime to get the record.”

Just to use that in an argument would make someone with half a brain in the court system go “hmmmmm”.