Reply To: Plan to fight in Texas (HB 23)


James Townsend

If this internet nightmare is not getting out of hand one has to say enough is enough. A sex offender is just a label or should I just say “offender” and now they want those in TX to post an ad on the internet stating that they are a sex offender. No telling what human mankind will want next. They want to keep the sex offender in bondage the rest of there life. They set you up on adult sites when actually they should do there sting operations in teenage chat sites as that is who they are suppose to be protecting. There is only one reason an adult would go into a teenage chat room and that’s not to deliver the morning paper.
It all has to do with money and corrupt people that think they are saving some poor teenage gal that is nothing more than a “police decoy” that ensnares would be citizens’ into this game of blind man’s bluff. Sure I got caught up in it but like I told my probation officer .. it is what it is until it is what it aren’t Go get um people!