Reply To: Plan to fight in NM (HB 48)



Sex offenders law’s are extremely strict; in addition, quite a lucrative asset to the State of New Mexico.. A friend of mine is housed in the La Placita Halfway house for Sex offenders in Albuquerque NM, he has residence in Curry County, CLovis New Mexico.

He is denied a transfer to go home, and has been in this facility since his release date in February 2016. Before he acquired employment the State of New Mexico paid, as they do for the other 90 residence that reside there, providing they don’t work., now he has to pay $600.00 a month rent to this facility; in addition to Probation Costs, and Counseling fee’s, and Akly Monitoring fee’s, the State makes around $1000.00 a Month per Sex Offender Registrant, times 90 people, around $100,000 a Month, that is quite a lucrative agenda, and that is just this Halfway House, not counting what the prison makes per Sex offende.

My friend would like to come home, as would the other 90 Registrants of La Placiata Half Way HOuse in Albuquerque NM, the State is making a enormous about of capital by keeping these Registered citizens on a lease, they are treated as dog’s not everyone deserves that treatment, it should go on a case by case basis, not the majority Status Quo forseen by the State.