Reply To: Challenge to PA Sex Offender Law Begins



I was convicted in FL in 2007 and required to register. I moved home to PA in 2009 and PSP said in their letter I had to register annually. This was before SORNA and annually was for 10 years. SORNA passed in 2012 and I was suddenly in Tier III. Now CYS is harassing my girlfriend, accusing her of leaving me unsupervised (which hasnt been the case). The Domestic Law they site seems to allow for Tier I offenders to be unsupervised with children. After some research, it looks as though PSP may have actually classified me incorrectly according to PA Statutes on the matter. Has anyone else ran into this and if so, what can be done? Someone else doesnt need to suffer the awful threatening harassment CYS is capable of because of my mistake a decade ago, especially since it appears PSP messed up.