Reply To: Challenge to PA Sex Offender Law Begins


Can anyone confirm this?

On another law blog I made the comment that states should credit people for registering in another state when moving to another. E.g., PA’s Tier I is like 15 years. So if someone from another state already registered for 16 years in another state, would PA credit that time and would that person be required to register.

Someone said PA does in fact credit time and they posted this:

9799.15 (a.1)(2)(ii)

(ii) An individual registered pursuant to section 9799.13(7), (7.1) or (7.2) for a sexually violent offense shall register for the period set forth in subsection (a), less any credit as a result of time registered in a sexual offender registry for that sexually violent offense in the foreign country or other jurisdiction where the individual was convicted.

Can anyone confirm that PA does in fact credit people for time registered in a sexual offender registry in another state, or foreign country for that matter?