Reply To: Challenge of Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1183


Mark NEPenn

I would also like to follow what the status is of this Bill. Paying your debt to society just is not enough anymore I guess and being labeled a Monster must be applied in order to continue on with your life. This makes no sense to me, my family members, my friends and others that know me.
To think, I could pull over on the road to take a call on my cell phone knowing it is safer not to drive and talk but not knowing that a school is around the corner I could be arrested for being in that area. What the heck man? My new neighbors prejudging me only because my picture appears on the Internet. I bought a house and now have to live with my neighbors for years; what is this telling me about my rights to live as free as my neighbors do. Things have to change. Public fear is fed by lack of knowledge of statistics. At what point will this end. Next there will be a law stating that a camera must be posted outside a registered sex offenders home to monitor his/her movements. Does not sound outrageous because cameras are all over the place now. Once, just used to monitor red light violators, now all over the place. Just wonder how many of these persons operating the cameras are not pointing them somewhere they are not supposed to. Employment is next to impossible. With the restrictions getting tighter and tighter it will be almost impossible for us to leave our homes in fear of violating some type of restriction and the worst part is besides the restriction itself is that how are we supposed to know the restrictions; they are not posted anywhere that I know of. If I plan a trip to my friends house 3 hours from here, how do I know I am not violating any restrictions from my home to his. So on my journey I am involved in a slight traffic accident. Cop runs my drivers license, finds out I am a registered SO, know of an ordinance and I am arrested. This can happen. Where does this end???? When will it end????
Living in the Comm Of Penn for retirement is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Retirement is right around the corner. But have I selected the right state for this; maybe this state is less restrictive than others right now; oh wait, what about in two years if other laws of restrictions are passed. So now I spent all this money on a retirement home just to realize I am being held captive in my own home or find that I may have to sell my house because of a new restriction in my area. I am at the end. I just don’t see how things can any better but just worse. Something has to be done to protect our rights, our human rights, our constitutional rights.