Reply To: The Case Against Public Sex Offender Registries


A Registrant

Is calling us “Pervs” really productive? Honestly, 95% of us on the registry are not dangerous to anyone. And not all of us are “Pervs”.

This really reminds me of the slang terms people have used throughout history to describe people different than they. I won’t go into the specific terms, but I hope you can get the idea. Calling someone a “perv” is about the same offensive language to calling someone a racial or homophobic slur. We can do better than that.

And nearly all of these people were put on registries to fatten up the ever hungry pig known as the Police State.

People in general don’t seem to care when one group of people gets singled out and shunned from society. I tell all of those people the old statement made around the time of World War II. “When they came for the Jews, I didn’t protest because I’m not a Jew. When they came for the homosexuals, I didn’t protest because I’m not a homosexual. When they came for the political dissidents, I didn’t protest because I don’t speak out against the government. But, when they came for me, there was no one left to defend me.”