Reply To: Advocates Seeking to Reform Sex Offender Registry Laws to Convene in Los Angeles


parole currently incarcerated in a California prison on a sex crime regarding Pimpin, prostitution, and a minor. I was sentenced to 22 years for aiding and abetting my younger cousin who had a minor working for him and sharing a home with me. sex offenders have been excluded from participating in every incentive based program that is available to the rest of the prison population such as milestones for participating in self help programs such as NA or college also the increased time credits and the 50% parole board incentive. What has been overlooked by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is the fact that all the sex offenders that have been excluded from the incentive based programs have release dates and will one day return to their communities. But at this rate they won’t be rehabilitated is this a wise strategy by the state? I think not, I’m sure the public rather have rehabilitated sex offenders in the community. However, regardless of the fact that my case requires registration and that I’ve been excluded from receiving incentives that even a murderer qualifies for I earned 3 college degrees and numerous certifications for participating or completing self help programs and I still cant get any relief. something needs to be done in prisons that everything is equal (whats good for a killer should also be good for a sex offender) if a murderer can get out of prison early for going to college why can’t a sex offender?