Reply To: Advocates Seeking to Reform Sex Offender Registry Laws to Convene in Los Angeles


I am 64 and was convicted in 1973 while attending college for resembling the rapist. served 2 1/2 years paroled 1 yr. and for thirty five years not required to register. in 1995 San Bernadino sherrif dept. due to the “patriot act” arrest me and hold me with no charges and tell me I will be arrested again if I don’t register for life…. to the point money hungry attorney’s ask for 7,0000-$10,000 to go to court to request the 45yr. old registration be discontinued…..I’m disabled and unable to pay this kind of fee. what a world (prison planet we live in)…for those who remember “dragnet drama” “a million stories in the naked city, this is just one of them”!!! Any advocate atty. please feel free to respond(760) 912-0113