Reply To: Advocates Seeking to Reform Sex Offender Registry Laws to Convene in Los Angeles


Hey Sherman, I am a sex offender and I am very sorry to hear that but the way things go is that the United States of America discriminates against the sex offender and labels them with this scarlet letter for the rest of their life.

Its a law for the Government and people with that power don’t want to back down it makes them look weak. God knows you paid the penalty but for all sex offenders we are the property of the state for the rest of our lives.

Therefore anything we do from now until we die will go against us. Even if we get drunk in public. We are all vulnerable for any hate group.

Its a sad state of affairs when the state has the right to protect its citizens but the sex offender is not a citizen in their eyes. If they were they would not put us on the register after we did our time.

So about all you got my friend is God because Government thinks your a scum bag just like I am. Its very said when the murderer is better than the sex offender. So I’m afraid yours and my life are just screwed for the time being.