Reply To: Reform Sex Offender Laws Asks for Response From Governor Haley


First off, I’m on this registry, an listed as a “predator”!!! All from false allegations in a child custody battle that arrived from a divorce! I have people poison my vegetation to include vegetable garden in my yard, throw weeds (seeds), fire ants, and have totally destroyed my yard of 30 years! The mailman leaves the mailbox wide open every time it rains, the garbage man hits the air breaks every time everyone of them passes the house. The phone rings with unknown callers, and I’m not really sure why one of these low-life’s from this terrible state hasn’t tried to confront me. They just don’t believe all the stats about offenders, nor do they believe that a malevolent spouse can do such a thing as accusing the husband falsely to prevent him from winning custody of the children in a divorce. As for Nick Haley.. she was a superintendent for education before making governor.. she will not lift a finger, so I advise not holding your breath on a response. My life has be ruined, my ex-wife and her whole family fled the state after they made the accusations only for me to sit in county on a high bond, couldn’t afford an attorney and sat for almost 3 years until I felt compelled to accept a non-violent “attempting to committ” charge. I spent 7 yrs in prison for a crime that still has not been committed although I’m still paying the price for wanting to make sure my children were safe. This law is sick as the people who have put it in to force. The sex offender registry is NOT stopping the first time sex offenders, namely those who are opposed to it’s removal from the law books, from committing sex offenses. Those are the ones who we need to watch. As for the vigilante, he/she has never been caught because in prison, the one’s who are first to comment or condemn those who have been accused rather falsely or accurately, are the one’s we found first and foremost to have those same skeletons hanging in there closets.. Just informing after reading your post here. My personal comment from personal experience, the continuing consequences, (residuals) are punitive in nature and the one’s who say it’s civil in the protection of the community are the one’s who need to be on a registry to see what the heck they are talking about like myself having to deal with this as a falsely accused dad in a divorce!!!