Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


The Snares the the Politician’s created to make society feel safe, has been an illusion and has snared the Politician’s in return as they too have family’s, teen’s, relatives that are not angel’s and it will entrap them due to the injustice. Also the heresay law will bring down the lawmaker’s as this has made it easy for any teen that is use to having their way and can not, point a finger at a teacher, businessman, professional, law enforcement, employer, etc. Look at all the Sex scandals going on with certain Governor’s, Presidents, should they not also be on this list since it is a sex crime? Why is it being reported that a 19 year old is visiting the White House around Obama’s teen daughter of 16 years of age I think if I heard the news correctly. I assure you that none and I do mean NONE of the great lawmakers were Virgin’s during the prom, or have relatives that are Virgin’s, yet they imprison the young adults, then speak Safe sex… Nearly anyone that know’s anyone that has a sex offender, could easily do a hearsay to any of the lawmaker’s as well and not even be on the sex offender list, turn the tables so too speak and that is why I said they have set their own trap. Corrupted system. Then the adacity to ask one of us to vote for them!! Oh get your vote in, vote for me, and I ask myself why vote for you to put stiffer laws on US as you took us from having a date or an intamate encounter, the teen got ticked off once you find out they lied about their age, then they cry Rape, so your suddenly from a intamate lover, to a person that is a Woman so it is hard for a Woman to rape a Man, so they plea bargain with you, NOT fight for you but threaten you with 5 years unless you say I did it but they do not take into consideration the teen lied about his age, so you now a indicent liberty with a minor, do your probation, do your time, get off on good behavior, then Low and Behold, they hit ya with changing the Constitutional rights, slap you with a Double Jeapardy law that you can not fight and put you from a never being on the registry to a three tier, because your considered the 17 year old male’s caretaker!! For the Love of God who gets anyone to baby sit a 17 year old male that is already dating older woman, and lieing about his age too? Too many teens lie to get a way from home, to many teens lie and get away with it and it is never looked into for after all your guilty before your innocent now and they know it and it is also with some adults following the same path when they are mad at their superiors or get fired ect. And of course it is your lawyer that you had hired for other things that prosecutes you, unethical I think. And you don’t even see a jury for some as you have by this time had a mental breakdown, your children are immediately taken from you, in the slammer you go and people say you did the crime do the time girl…. odd they are now facing the same and want mercy now. Twenty years I have dealt with this and all due to the fact I dated a minor that I did not know was a minor until after the fact, a real manipulator. You tell the truth and this is what you get, they tell a lie and this is what you get. President Clinton signed the bill and what do ya know, He did not have sex with that woman! But he had Oral sex which is considered illegal in most states but is he on the list? If they are going to put a person on that that takes a leak or that tells a woman she is sexy, or whatever their poor definitions are, then Clinton and Monica should be on there as well for that was a sex offence act for they consider sex offence is sex offence so if that is the case, be fair and adultery is a sex offence, fornicating, it should go on there too since they have made it all about sex and used US who have never had a corrupted record before and have never ever had a record of any sort sence, save a few. It is all politics, it is not about saving the children, the real Predator is out there and clever and never gets caught for the family are afraid to tell and is always to mentally manipulated by family members to come out with truth. My Step Dad did it to me all my life, my real dad to my sister’s, I go and and make a innocent mistake and am intamate with a guy that knew more than most men at 30 and lies to me about his age. what a joke, all young men dream of getting with a pretty older woman that has a car so they can ride and ride and when the truth comes out and its taken away, OMG She raped me!! Here come the Police, ask you if you have been with him, you not knowin better say Well yeah, why?, then Snap your jerked up, and hauled off. She is a repeated pattern of what her Father’s are they say… Sorry I am not. I stay alone and to myself, my life of 20 years or really 22 years is gone, all due to a lie, and election season, a attorney that was already mine that prosecuted me and a heard of lawmakers that I firmly stand in Moses shoe’s saying, “let my people go!” Until they do what is right, all the lawmakers, governor’s, so forth will be in some sex scandal until they let us go. Most of us are only guilty of telling the truth, not because we got caught with our pants down, a snare….. We will be free one day, God is with Us he will See to this and he is already showing progress by pointing out the wonderful scandal’s that we see on TV involving Sex of the Master’s of the Universe… Hold ya’lls head’s high…… and anyone that judges the post please take care, you could easily be next… never say never.