Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


My brother was deferred adjudcated on a rape charge. His real sin was being poor and uneducated at the time. He completed his 10 year probation and at that time got married and received his degree in accounting. For 14 years he had a good job, a tri- level home with a wife and three kids. He did not have to register after he completed his probation. In reality it wasn’t even a rape it was a woman he saw every weekend, but at his refusal to get married to her she yelled out rape. At this time he had just entered college. He was 21 and is now 61. After 14 years of marriage his wife meta 17 year old and there was a divorce. My brother was devistated for he lost his home and wanted his kids. The ex gave him the kids for a year thenshe decide to move from Texas to Kansas with the kids and her now 18 year mate. My brother turned to drinking, losing his job and going to prison for DUI’S. He was released and it was difficult to get a job. Accounting jobs for the DUU’S and the menials jobs for expoitation of his education. He had to settle for only working during tax season in a tax office. Then politicians came up with the law of all S O’s having to register.The Parole Board decided to make him register and go to sex offender classes after a non conviction for it was a deferred adjudication. Well who wants to hire anyone that has to attend classes everyMonday? Then he met a woman who was asked by the Parole Officer, (do you know that he is a rapist? ), these men are not helped to rehabilitate by the Justice system or by society. They area actually set up for failure. This where they make their money, by means of returning offenders into the system. The Justice system wants to keep offenders institutionalized. This such an unjust country. The US has more people in the prisons more than any other country. Now the Republicans are getting wealthier with private prisons. Like one of the other commentators on this forum, my brother finally received his VA disability for his tour during the Viet Nam war. How can we help men like my brother who has to register after a 31 year charge which was never repeated. I am all for child molestors to register for life if judged with true evidence, for there some children that will lie on a whim of anger at the defendant. With DNA testing before judged. Being a retired teacher I can’t stomach a true child molestor For that matter rapist who kill should never be allowed of prisons. I believe that people who are arrested for drugs or alcohol should be sent to rehabilitation centers and not prisons. Send the child molestirs and murderers to prisons. Because the rich and famous are not sent to prison for they have the funds to go to a rehab center. Like your ex-president George Bush who only receive a slap on the hand for cocaine and alcohol use. Beyond that he was selected to be your President. The US does discriminate a lot , not onky by race but also by economic status. People wake and see what is happening to the US as a Society. Allow these non-repeated offender have life and don’t take their identity and self-respect by making them register for life unless they are child molestors and repeaters.