Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


I have a similar back story; I used ‘Ares’ and did some blind downloads, DA didn’t care that legitimate images outnumbered illicit 1000:1 and ‘Sexting’ was front page news on jury selection day. My home state laws have changed since I have been on the registry and my time is perpetually getting longer… first it was register for 10 and now it is 15. If I consider relocation I have another state’s laws I have to learn. Knowing that someone that made a stupid mistake is just another pushpin on a map with a serial rapist is very unsettling, but that is the public sees and reacts as if they are one and the same. It is a very unnerving position to be in, and hopefully it is just a matter of time before someone in power realizes the un-justness of the whole thing… Keep your head up… you are not alone.