Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


Sex offender registry gives such a false sense of security anyway! Ok, for those who would buy into the belief that sex offenders are all bad and will re-offend They know the face of every registered offender near them… and that is what the sites are suppose to be for.. however the offenders also know they are on the sites and being watched. So if there was one of the 1.9% offenders who were planning to re-offend, do you really think they will do so where they know they are being watched and can easily be identified? No, they will do so some place else. Now some my say well at least they aren’t committing a sex crime to me or in my area. True but where do you think the very few offender of the 1.9% that may re-offend from that area or other areas are going to go? Do you know every registered sex offender in a 50 Mile radius? How about a 100 or more? The registry doesn’t Just punish the rehabilitated offender it actually makes for a less informed public with a false sense of security, and a smarter re-offender, if that is the case! And of coarse most sex crimes are first time offences vs a re-offender anyway so again what good does the registry do?