Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation

Robert Curtis

The Sex Offender Registry is a LIVING DEATH it is Evil and it is Wrong. Why? Because at the whim of any politician looking to be re-elected they can add more and more punitive measures Ex Post-facto to the registrants requirements. Remember these citizens after doing probation, therapy and time served have a re-offense rate of only 1.9% according to the latest Department of justice report. To be for such a thing as the sex offender registry is extremely Unconstitutional. If someone is so bad they have to be on some kind of online hit-list then why are they even amongst us. Whom am I? I’m a registrant that was convicted of a misdemeanor not involving a child over 14 years ago years ago. I have been featured in OC Parenting Magazine in 2006 received a US Congressional award for community service for helping cancer patients and the homeless. I was a salon owner and hairstylist. These citizen are like me they are good citizens and parents. Don’t believe the hype. Watch my presentation before the OC Supervisor on 05/08/12 (click video, scroll down to public comments I’m the first presenter: