Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


I am in my 15th year of registering. I was convicted of rape and adultery in the military. I was convicted 1-19-1995. I was released in 1999. Since my release I reentered society full force. I am now a project manager for a global consulting firm. I have had lunches with the Governor and campaign commercials with Congressmen. I still have to register. I work regularly with the state, county and city police on my projects. I work for the local and state governments also. Everyone that needs to know about my conviction does and they don not judge. Comments that everyday people who know me say ” Wow I would of never guessed that about you, I don’t care because we know you now”.That being said what the heck. My case is a federal case because of the military and only the president can provide me with clemency. In truth all I want is my right to vote, not have to register twice a year (keep me on the registry, It doesn’t hurt me or my career, I don’t want to waste time by going to the sheriffs department to listen to some crappy audio and sign the same paper I have done twice a year for the last 15 years) and carry a firearm. I am an avid hunter and want to be able to take my boys rifle hunting instead of just the archery season my conviction allows. My question is when is it enough, I have proven I am more of a productive citizen than when I was convicted at the young age of 21.