Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation



Here is what you can do to help, First have a God Centered Commitment, get the churches involved in this immoral issue, pray for the enemy, send letters to local representatives of your state or county. Let the body of Christ people let them know that God is still in Control. Be bold in your conviction for those in bondage, that can’t get a job or are told where they can live because of children’s concerns. God gives love and understand what does America give to its people that are still in bondage?

Let the agency’s know that people in the United States still serve God and look for justice not human suffering. Man’s justice is out of control when they go against the bible and promote sexuality immorality such as gay rights, marriages, and filthy things of that sort and yet condemn the sex offender that is branded for life even after his time is served.Don’t you know the gay person is branded for life also and that comes from Gods’ word in the bible,

God’s people would never promote gay or gay rights but yet they promote the sex registry seems to be a more just cause. Wo to those on capital hill that support these ungodly laws.

Each and every one of you all that has a loved one under this sex registry and want a change in America. flood the offices with phone calls or mail their representatives and vote, when election comes for those that have a solid Christian God centered background. When they took pray out of school all the United States went wrong. Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave.. for he is the one that gave us a day of pray in the school’s and look at the schools now and everything else.

As you can see that this United States does not have a God centered background and our leaders need to understand that we are sick and tired of it. I am going to do my share will you.