Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation



There are all kinds of sex crimes and just like any other crime are moral issues. Yes one can change. A mistake can be corrected but one has to correct himself as you said in your comment. All these sex fears that are instilled in peoples minds are their opinions and they would rather throw away the key and lock them up for life. I have to say that these law’s are foolishness in man’s wisdom and they themselves lack a changed heart. They are still hard and selfish in there pride to themselves. They don’t understand about forgiving and caring for there neighbor. They have turned there backs to their God of understanding. Weather it be the Walsh law or Megan’s law it seems to never end. These victims in sex offenses are branded for life and its ashamed that a United States like this is servicing the Creature and not seeking out the God of understand. I’m sure He would castrate the lot of them that turned their backs on him.. That my friend appears to be exactly what is happening today with these unjust laws.

Shame on the United States for making people suffer with this inhuman plan they have placed on the sex offender. Crime is Crime and once you do your time such as any other crime it should be blotted out. The United States won’t admit their faults, nobody wants to admit there faults as that makes them weak in their faith. If one is human they admit there faults or else they have pride in themselves. Making and writing up these laws’ amounts to their pride and their inability to understand there own self.

But give the people what they want, with these laws everybody is happy says the law… We make money, make the people, oppress the people and at the same time provide justice. Sounds moth eaten doesn’t it, well that’s the way Government looks at it today and society that still has a harden heart.

I wish this message would get to the hearts of every American Citizen that stands up for all those under this curse of the sex registry.