Reply To: Civil rights group demands statistical evidence supporting specious sex offender legislation


What is this place coming to?
People need to wake up… Not everybody is a crazy sex freak thats running around raping and killing women and children. Thats the move ”The skulls”. There is going be issues between male and female, its natural… However raping a person or sexual assaulting a child is not natural and those are things that would and should be addressed. However labeling someone a sex offender is putting everyone with that nature of crime in to one category of a type of human being that a person will be percevied as which is not only unjust but judgmental. Everyone his the right to live free or die trying. If the person that did the crime served and did the time, then who has the right to take away a persons freedom just because the nature of a past crime. That is discrimination! On top of that, now that your labeled you cant work, eat, move , run, drive, buy, type, say, do, go, watch or just be around curtain if not all people, places, and things anymore, by law at that! This is something if anything you should give to a person or persons that is labeled enemy of the state but still have the right buy law to live in such state, country, etc..
Are we enemy of the state? Will sex offenders be a target for the drones that hovers over us night and day looking for terrorist, spies, etc..?
I am not a terrorist, nor enemy of the state or enemy to my american people or any people at that… I made a mistake ones or twice in my life that i wish i can take back, but i cant. So the best thing for me to do is learn from my mistake and never do it again. Because when your truly sorry you will never do such a act again, no matter what. So as for me i am truly sorry but that does not cut it. To truly be forgiven i will have to show you i changed mentally and physically. But to do that society must give me a chance, i must be open and exposed to all type of different outputs to change my way of thinking. That having the same, if not better “if warranted by law” (programs,workshops, treatment,employment, etc..) opportunity in society that everybody else have in being all that one could and should be.

If thats the case then labeling someone a sex offender is techniclly in fact against the law. Because this is a discrimination tactical solution, and anything that has a element and or nature of such when coming to judge anything if not all thing considered under the ruling thumb of the law of the land should be subjected to be cancelled out when inclined to take judgment.

I say all that to say this….. A person cant change unless that person wants to change. And a person that want to change cant change when the society that that person live in not only don’t want to help, but put road blocks up when that person is looking for a chance to change.
If your not going to help, then at least move out of the way.