Reply To: The year in review

Linda Huhn

My son is currently serving a 90 day sentence for stat rape. It was a Romeo/Juliet case, that although he was incarcerated, she became pregnant from another young man and had her child 2 months after her 16th birthday. To date, nothing has happened to that young man that has legitimized her child. I had to pay to have his name taken down off a google website before he went to trial. We pled due to him facing 45 years, or pleading to one offense instead of the stacked four offenses. Now, he has 10 years probation and a life long sentence on the SOR. We are not rich, but will help pay the stupid fines for probation, classes that are not needed. He screwed up, we know it, he knows it and of course this young lady that chased him like a rabbit who is now on welfare with another man’s child has her “justice”. The laws as they stand are outdated. Once a person is off of probation for a stat rape charge, this should be done and over! The judge didn’t give him first offender because it would not have mattered. He is a Sex Offender, so that ruins him right there. We will continue to pursue justice by trying to help change the law for not just him, but for all Class I offenders. They muttle up the SOR because you cannot see the dangerous offenders. I pray one day this will not become a money hungry conglomerate that makes more money off of peoples past mistakes and miseries! One can only hope!