Reply To: Hindrances to successful sex offender re-entry


J Townsend,
Thank you so much for your encouraging and Truth filled words! I have many hours looking into laws, writing to gov’t officials, even the President himself! While writing these letters Ikeep feeling that it is on deaf ears. IInterestingly, while the thought is coming in, I find myself adding, BUT GOD! It is apparent to me that no matter what powers in this world try to push us down …He (Our Creator, Our Heavenly Father, WILL HAVE the last word on this subject and all things! Through this entire storm, as difficult as it may be, BUT GOD, he has given my son His Favor! He has made a way where there wasn’t one. He has kept him fed, and sheltered, even when he was told that every home that opened their doors, knowing who my son is, they (govt) said No! The option to stay at home was taken away because he has a younger brother. (This has hurt his brother, (age 8 at the time),as well, they r very close) told he can live on the highway,BUT GOD! The evil in this world coming against Gods children, scoff as they may, WILL KNOW, WILL BOW DOWN, TO HIM,Who will punish those who oppress His creation. My son will be okay regardless of what they say and do! There is a special place for those who throw stones, especially against the children of God! We have ALL sinned and until we recognize how He looks at sin (no distinction)and realize that, He is the judge, the One Who forgives, may He have mercy your souls!