Reply To: Hindrances to successful sex offender re-entry


I know what ur going thru. Samething in Pennsylvania. Filled out over 200 applications for jobs and no one will hire me cause of the sex offender registration. I too started a woodworking business. I was told by the parole that its not a job. Even if I had all the license for it. I had just got laid off from a job. I am on the search again for a job. Cause parole requirements is employment. I would fill out the application and wait awhile and call in for the status. They would position is filled or were not interested. The position isnt filled cause of the ad is still in the paper. We get discriminated so much. What makes our crime so much worse than someone who has murder charges or drug charges. IT DOESNT. We are all the same and the discrimation needs to stop. No one wants to help and we are alone with this matter. I am currently taking meds for my anxierty and depression. Which I didnt have before I went into jail. The stress is intense. I dont go any where and stay at the house most of the time cause of people talking.. Government doesnt look at the big picture only if includes money in there pocket. Only thing I can say is we need to stand together and let the government know. Get our voice out there to the public. Instead of tweeting it on here or posting on facebook. Public doesnt see that.