Reply To: Hindrances to successful sex offender re-entry

Ignoranr of age law we cant help our youth nerds rrform

sad to hear so much labeling SO and our youth or young offenders,update laws with internet,rntrapmwrnt,mistakes,whrwn is a person allowed to be set free for making a mistake they aren’t,and instead people run for office and to get noticed they use srx offenders as a reason to get votes saying nerd to tighten more Laws,bullcrap I say,let’s allow method dralrts out early Obama said its not serious offense,and I say b.s. they get released move anywhere get to live with family and let go early,?..What? Sad world we live in,unless we work to help changed laws because of internet problems and lies and bugs in the system,we havwr to pass laws reducing sentntences to counteract the ones they maker,anyonwr up for that,well we better start with ignorance of age law in fla. It should be amwrnded to say if theory admitting lie then its a misdemeanor not a felony for life.Hear ye hear ye speak up and write governor’s.