Reply To: Hindrances to successful sex offender re-entry

Susan P.

My 21-year-old son is currently on probation and on the dreaded SO registry. His offense? As an emotionally immature and lonely 18-year-old, he discovered porn while on a music file sharing site and was seeking out images of women his age when a privately-run sting operation found under age images (11 out of 100’s of legal age women that computer forensics proved he had opened/closed immediately as they were not what he was not interested in); had made their way in the mass download. These were very dated images that law enforcement uses as bait. So while they claim they are ‘protecting’ these girls, they are exploiting them as bait instead. It’s heartbreaking to watch this exceptionally thoughtful, hardworking, and intelligent young man sink into further isolation, despair, fear and financial devastation because we can’t figure out a tiered treatment/punishment for these crimes vs. cast them all in the same net.