Reply To: Hindrances to successful sex offender re-entry


We need to allow judges to rule on a per case bases as they do in other crime situations. Have we really decided that the whole truth doesnt matter and that a life can be tossed aside as trash! My son is a devoted Christian, a musician, a loving person who has been delt a very unfair hand! He is taking it well but had aspirations of writing ,producing music, which he does but feels he will need to , his words, “give it away” because who would want Christian music written by a sexual offender! It was if I had been stabbed in my heart! I, of course, told him YOU ARE NOT, AND NEVER HAVE BEEN A SEXUAL OFFENDER! He was, like most, a normal teen with desires that he had kept in check. ONE WEAKENED MOMENT WITH A YOUNG GIRL, sad story but more mature than my son, who seduced Him. But, “shes the victim.” I know people have lied and things bad things happen but this girl continues, sadly without the love and support she needs. She has even recently seduced an autistic child.!i do not consider her a criminal, she is a victim but NOT OF MY SON!