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I’m in sort of the same boat. In 2008 i met a young woman on a adult dating site who posted a fraudulent date profile. I was arrested and sat half a year in a small town Iowa jail. 08 was an election year and the judge was up for retention vote so naturally, my head had to roll for the common good (or to save his ass). I was sentenced to 10 years, did 5, and rolled over to a life special parole that they literally hand out to everybody! This was a non forceable, tier one, low risk offence. I had a clean record with no priors and got a life special out the gate! My problem is i think it’s unconstitutional big time. It reaks of cruel and unusual punishment. I served 4 years, 9 months and 7 days on my main number. A first revocation on life special carries a 2 year flat. The second carries a 5 year flat. Mind you, i was sentenced to a “term not to exceed” 10 years. By time I’m through the second revocation, I’d have served in all, 12 years thus exceeding the maximum penalty provided by law for this offence by 2 years, and it keeps going and going until I’m dead. My corrections counselor said he’d be welcoming me back with open arms. I told him if you do, send me to Fort Madison where i can have a tv and air conditioning because you’re not getting a god da__ thing from me! I’m not cooperating. I’m on a flat. I’ll fight, steal, refuse treatment, basically break every rule and all you can do to me is stuff me in the hole, I’ll get our in a few and do it over again. You gotta show these nazi bi____s the flaws in their laws before they realise they’re bunk and will never do any good!