Reply To: RSOL | SLAP workshop rescheduled; Bellucci to present

Beverly Sarra

I certainly know just where you are coming from. I have a grandson in the same mess. I just amazes me how people cans sell drugs and cause people to take their lives and murder people mess up whole families and not much of any thing happens to them. These sex sting go out creating a false profile and leading our young men to a point they can get sent to prison and labeled for life. If we set up a false profile and done some mess like this we would be sent to prison. I feel all these cops that have done this should be spent to prison. Our stupid Government has took these young men out of the work force and made them an indebitness to our country, and then they yell we are short of money. I pray God will just lift you up and you will have a good life after all of this mess is pasted. God can over come any thing please remember this.