Reply To: RSOL | SLAP workshop rescheduled; Bellucci to present


Two days ago I pleaded guilty to Traveling to meet with a child for unlawful sex act. I am now a registered offender. It was a sting operation, there was no victim, the “girl” was supposed to be 15, and I was 21 at the time. I will now spend the rest of my life as an outcast to society. My chances of being successful are nearly zero. Everyone looks at me like I am a predator, like I am plotting to kidnap their children. This is simply untrue. I am young, I made an honest to God mistake, and now I will pay for it the rest of my life. Please, dear God, just call me home because what is the point of living anymore in a world that does not want me? Where are people’s compassion? Where is their mercy? At least I know God has forgiven me even if no one else will.