Reply To: RSOL | SLAP workshop rescheduled; Bellucci to present


I am so grateful for your commitment and hard work towards this devastating issue! I actually just started out on my quest again to search for anything that can get rid of the “monster in the room! ” We need to take back the rights of children and others who pose absolutely zero threat to society! A lot of these cases involve parents using court system to control their children. I honestly believe these children are actually victims of unfulfilled self worth or maybe the ones whose parents need to work full time. This leaves many teens to their own devices some not having a stable home environment. There are many reasons teens have sex…the issue is…DO WE DESTROY THE FUTURE PLANS OF PERSONS CHARGED IN CONSENSUAL OR ANY NON PREDATORY NON VIOLENT CRIME (JEEZ THERE’D BE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN MY DAY NOT WHERE THEY ARE TODAY…LAST TIME I CHECKED THEY DID NOT MURDER KIDNAP OR RAPE ANYONE…EVEN THE FIRST TIME! IT REALLY IS A MONEY MAKER THOUGH!