Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws


Good for you that you recognize and are getting help. I do not think (non legal advice) that you can be prosecuted for something you do not have but I will tell you that they will actively and aggressively attempt to cause you to view again. Please get an accountability program for your devices, keep your wife informed if you are feeling the urge to view , good that you recognize it as an addiction and one that can be conquered. My 24 year old son was sentenced to 30 years for his viewing addiction. There were 6 or more agents pretending to be people like him aggressively pursuing him they hit him at a down time of his life where he and his wife were fighting and through those encounters as well as things he said in chat rooms with them and others thats another point NEVER SaY things in chat rooms that can be used against you .. fantasy will be held against you.