Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws


It is entrapment from the government. My husband is serving time because he opened a link the FBI sent him. Thinking it was adult porn he opened a child porn link, which was not marked cp. He deleted it not knowing it was a serious crime for not reporting it. Months later the police came into our home and took our things. It took them almost a year but they did find hard drives. These drives were thrown in the I’ll fix it one day pile. Drives my husband picked out from the neighbor’s trash pile. I know this was true because I was with him when he found them. He knew how to fix computers and loved it if he found computer parts for free. Well it was the smoking gun for the cops. They didn’t care he had picked them up from a neighbor’s trash pile. It was in his possession so my husband was backed into a corner. My husband thinking he would get a fine and then go home pleaded guilty to the link he opened but according to the police he pleaded to all of it. He was basically scared into confession and the police got him where they wanted him. I knew my husband was telling the truth about not knowing what were on those drives because he was the kind if he had known he would’ve destroyed them right away not wait six months for the police to find. Knowing computers like he does he knew the police were capable of pulling up deleted files so it was out of his character to just be a sitting duck in other words if he was really guilty. My husband had no prior record but yet a Texas judge gave him 18 years! Again he was scared into taking the plea being told if he went to trial he would most likely get life. He took the plea. He is able for parole but he has to register as a sex offender and he can’t appeal his charges. In the mean time we lost our house. I’m on government aid because I was a stay at home mom with no college degree to support my two children. Both of my kids had separation and anger issues because one day daddy disappeared. The police and cps made me take my children to be checked out for sexual abuse which they found nothing. It was a nightmare and one I’m afraid will continue once he’s home. My next biggest fear is if he’s paroled out the parole officer can decide if he can or can not live with us as a family . I pray this person will not keep us a part. We’ve suffered enough. The law needs to change. It was a witch hunt I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.