Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws


Hi leo hope this finds you well, life is a gift and suicide is not the answer the last 20 years of my life has been utterly hell I’ll give you a look the short version .
My parents divorced when I was really young, my mother married this man who was very abusive growing up I was punched choked thrown picked up by my head and she never stopped him and if we told her something in confidence shed tell him and he’d grab me by the hair and drag me into their bedroom and now you tell him what you told me well after that I quit telling her anything .
He beat me up really bad I was pregnant 20 weeks nothing was done to him I was looked at like a juvenile delinquent, mysterious accidents happened I broke my arm twice broken finger hurt my leg my eye got injured I had bruises on my back all the way down to my ankles, then they moved us to arkansas oh god I hated it there .
I got regular beatings by moms husband I was getting A&b’s in school but when I tried to show my mom she slapped my face in my freshman year in high school I went to 6 different schools had no body but god all could do was pray I had the same boyfriend for three years until I found out he was married I was babysitting several kids so I was making some good money well I met this guy and married him to get away from these people these up standing Christian people .
my mom was murdered by her stupid husband who completely got away with it.
well I was with this guy 15 years he was an alcoholic and didnt help me with the babies at all but after trying to get a divorce forever after that I went and picked him up and made him sign the paper.
then I met a guy who was kind and we were so compatible we had a child together he baught a house.
b then my 15 yr neice was walking on a sidewalk with her friends she was struck by a drunk driver and killed.
then my baby was molested I was homeless for about 9 months came back took back the land and house then my little one was sitting on the porch three dogs drug him off the porch he was bruised up and bloody but in the house and safe.
I woke up and the house was on fire I went and woke everyone told them to get out then I went out but I did not see my baby and ran back in it was so black I could not see anything I walked back out there he was next thing I see was the blue sky then everything was black next thing I woke up in the emergency room I had burns on my feet .
then on the forth of july someone backed up a uhaul to my door and broke in my house and stold everything I owned including my babys food, clothes and formula.
after several more things I gave it all to god and hes not failed me yet I have faith that ill be ok, hell my car blew up last week not to long after I baught tags and insurance my car quit so I got my other car running and was fixing to go to a friends and had a flat I pulled off the road sat their for a min and thought I’d rather laugh than cry so dude get on facebook kami houston and god bless there is nothing so bad as to end your own life just let it go put your faith in god