Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws


My son has been sexually active for about 1 year when this happened, he was on probation for being in the wrong house at the wrong time and got probation and community service he broke his probation by not calling and finding someplace to do his community service so she told him well since you wont do that I want you too write a 5 page essay on one of three subjects he has a learning disability writing is one we have been dealing with since first grade……and this person was told but would not listen so on our visit with the probation officer he did not do the report but he did do the community service she got pissed and called him stupid and worthless, I don’t see where this was right for her to do but she did and she sent him to boot camp because of this….. oh my god! To make a long story short he broke probation by leaving the house w/o telling me and when he wasn’t supposed to this particular day he had left the house well when he finally got home I went in and talked to him told him he needed to be serious about his probation or he was going to end up in prison an hour and half later 3 cars pull up and several men get out open the gate and aproach the house and my future ex-husband opens the door and lets them in im thinking WTH! They are arresting my son for rape he’s like WTH?! He hasnt got a clue he asked them rape who?! It just makes me sick my FE-H just leads them in I’ll never forget the look on my sons face hes like what the hell, this little girl lied 3 times to the police they didnt take that in account they just went by he was on probation she screamed rape because he didn’t have a condom they were both 16 and he was guilty before they even talked to him they gave him 2 choices go to court “he was 16” and face time in prison or plea guilty and you’ll be taken and put into DHS custody he spent his 17th birthday in lockup a jail for teens he was attacked their the other boy broke my sons tooth he was there with violent kids who’ve committed crimes far worse than what he was forced into pleading guilty to,he told me what really happened between him and the girl they had sex she was worried because he didnt have a condom then she made them sandwiches and a cold drink… he has over 2000 friends most of which are girls well these little girls were sending pictures of their breasts and other body parts so when he went and talk to his PO they asked for his phone then they charged him with KP kiddy porn and I cant talk to him because I would have to pay $14 to them to talk to him, he is going to have to register as a sex offender and he will probably spend time in prison yes I agree our justice system is broken and this has ruined alot of innocent guys including my son.