Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws

Glory to God

As I read all this comments I can`t help but wonder what the heck do they mean by The Land of the Free? I moved to this country 36 years ago, worked my rear end off and payed taxes like every one else, had 3 boys with a German Jewish American guy and had 3 boys which we raised in a none violent environment, loving caring parents that would`ve giving our lives for them. My youngest son who`s 20 got caught with a 16 year old, and after violating every single one of his civil rights, they convinced him to give up his phone which contained pics and videos of cp, he had downloaded when he was 16 and forgot they were there when they transfer all of his contacts and pics into his new phone. He`s 20 with the mind of a 16 year old A+ student, the most caring and lovingchild any parent can ask for. Now we have spent twenties of thousands of dollars to get him out on bail until the government decides he is a criminal and throw him back in jail.
Seriously??? my two sisters 21 and 23 years old got killed by a drunk driver, he`s now out there walking free, because there wasn`t enough evidence, my sons dads younger brother 23 got killed by a drug addict, he`s now out there walking free because there wasn`t enough evidence,THOSE ARE REAL CRIMES, now they want to put our son in jail for looking at some pics and meeting who he thought was the love of his life??? Seriously??? I cry every day, I think sometimes it`s a nightmare and I will wake up and everything will be alright, but unfortunately it`s real and it`s painful, more than anything I`ve ever have to endure in my life.
For the first time in my life I`m starting to hate the country I once believed was the best place on the planet.
Thank you all for sharing your stories and May God Bless us all and gives us the strength and wisdom to understand what HIS plan is for us here on earth.