Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws


What J. TOWNSEND wrote is the best advice for people dealing with these BS porn charges. Some people have gone into serious depression and others have killed themselves, for what? So that the Injustice Government of the US can have the last laugh? Do you think what these bastards and lawmakers are doing is OK? Open your eyes. This isn’t the Land of the Free. This is the Land of BS that have ZERO common sense, fees, fines, and taxes. You’re going to justify throwing people in jail for LOOKING at pictures that you find inappropriate? How Sick in the head do you have to be to destroy people’s lives like this? If these Government officials really wanted to help, they would Fine people for possessing or Accidentally Distributing the Porn, and jail those that actually Physically coerce a child into making Porn. THAT is the fair and balanced way to deal with these “Crimes”. Putting people on a Sex Offender list for possessing, viewing or accidentally sharing Porn of ANY kind is a Disgrace to the USA and founding fathers of this country. It is a pathetic, cowardly, vicious act, which the Public goes along with unfortunately because whatever their Beloved Government tells them is the God’s word and you cannot dare to question God’s word, right? The people that push for these laws should spend some time in Jail and get a good idea of how it feels to ruin decent people’s lives and their families. What a country the USA has turned into! Leading the world in Stupidity, and Zero Common Sense. The same War of Drugs witch hunt has turned into the War on Porn. Throw people in jail for smoking an herb, now throw people in jail for looking at porn. Please stay strong people! The politicians whot make these laws and the prosecutors who vengefully go after such ‘crimes’ just do it to make a big name for themselves. They’re not worth your Breath, let alone your Tax dollars. We need to come together and act to change the system and the injustices that normal, good people have to suffer due to these BS “sex offense” laws. Funny how they don’t have a Violent Offender List right? Doesn’t anybody ever question these things? How is a Porn viewer more dangerous than someone who smashed someone’s head in? Once again, an example of how Pathetic this country’s ‘Justice’ system has become. Stay strong and know that THEY are in the wrong for ruining your life, not you.