Reply To: Troubling consequences of federal child pornography laws



I’m reading your comment dated May 15th; just now reading this Jun 23…never been to this site before. Anyway, I was sentenced to 5 years at Allenwood LSCI (receipt of chi** **rn) and have been out for over a year. You are right that educating yourself is one of the best solutions to helping your dad, along with support, and getting adjusted to a temporary state of anxiety (granted 5 years is a long state of anxiety!) But, I say that in an encouraging way as much as I can considering it’s text and you can’t hear me say it. I could go on until ad nauseum about all the draconian things going on and how, I think this is going to be the new crime de’jour like the war on drugs was and still is. Anyway, I’d love to help in answering any questions but this method seems too tedious and inappropriate to (for me). Please email me at if you feel comfortable to answer questions. My name is Cameron. Considering I’m a stranger you might not but don’t hesitate. Looking forward to hearing from you and hang in there!