Reply To: The case of the malicious sheriff


To whom it may concern,I don’t know of a lawyer that listens really to help someone whose been labeled a sex offender,but I pray someone with will see this and look into things at the clerks office,Scribers errors on sex offenders paperwork is a common thing I have spoken to others standing in line waiting to visit that say,The charges are not what he was charged with,papers show wrong charge,the lawyers run after court and your left trying to tell the prison system Hey the pale are wrong,Can this be something that Has Just occurred,No 22 other young men at 1 prisons serving time have Scribers Errors on there papers Not Saying What they were correctly charged with,But no one care,Rick Scott don’t seem to see that this is a bigger problem in Florida says no one writes them about this they write about conditions,I guess I’m the only person complaining. And her reforming laws that will help sex offenders get jobs will help everyone including places they live,a lot are not violent,and unknowing the person was lying about age.We look at things different with internet getting our youth in trouble,Do you really know if someone says they are 18 its ok and later your arrested because they lied to get on the internet Face book or chat sight,not all are in my eyes sex offenders,Ignorance of Age law needs updating,Rick Scott says he don’t take pity on Sex offenders,no one asked him for Pity,they asked him to reform the law to help Sex offenders who were lied to and can’t get a defense because of the ignorance of age law,Instead he Tightened the law to put them in jail longer to get older voting points until one day when he’s driving down the road and ask his grandson who ya texting,Oh its ok Grandpa her profile yes she’s 18. Gonna take someone famous getting in trouble before they stop the crazzy law and reform it to fit Technology’Good Bless . Gin