Reply To: The case of the malicious sheriff


Sadly I have seen this all as true. In my case, after I had served my time, I was curious what had been said about me when I was arrested. I did some research and found a website that makes the claim that they are “keeping our community safe”. On that site I saw the case about me. My jaw dropped as I continued to read. The only TRUE statement was that I was charged with possession of child pornography. The ENTIRE story, other than that, was false. Sadly those who have learned about my conviction, and do the research, find this site and think all of it is true. I settled in court for a 5 year sentence on TWO pictures and TWO videos. Sadly the website in question claimed that the police seized “thousands of CDs and videos full of CP.” I didn’t even own a HUNDRED CDs and videos combined, and only 1 CD had something on it that was illegal. All the other CDs were of music or movies. I contacted the owner of the website and they simply refused to take down the false information, or allow me to post a comment correcting the information.