Reply To: The case of the malicious sheriff


sad to br a mom if i cant defend my son

Its sad,,swreing my sons papers bring marked with wrong charges leaving words out making Scribers errors on his paperwork to slander him,is wrong,not just his other guys paperwork is also wrong,Scribers errors arwr another way for stated prosecutors to slander our kids and blame it on Paper errors,meanwhile our kids are labrwled worse offenses and wwr have ywrt another thing to worry about. This world nerds to catch up to laws prrristing ones that don’t allow us to defend our family whwrn accused of this mwrss. When someone lies then entrapment is a better word,specially admitting they liwrd,and if the officwrr allows your child to get beaten while on duty he needs to go to jail for abuse of power,and code of conduct issues not given a par on back,if hr arrest your family ,mbrt 2 times its stalking and abuse of power,hep me help our kids,in Florida and everywhere by passing complaints and drifting to governor’s about filling our prisons with younger generations because of Ignorance of age law not being a defence needs to be changed! Tell All to writer Legislation one email makes a difference. Be heard.Good day