Reply To: Have we reached the sex offender registration tipping point?



How do you go about petitioning to be removed from the registry my husband was convicted in 1994 before the registry was in acted it was only after his release he was told he had to register for 25 years not for sexual battery or rape or indecent behavior but for touching over clothes. This is not what he did it’s what he plead to after years of fighting the system hours of interrelation and a public defender saying if they put the child on the stand and she cries you will go away for life. When he took the plea there was no mention of the registry it was not part of his agreement and when Meagan’s law went into effect it changed from 25 to lifetime. In Michigan where this took place and Kentucky he is labeled a sexually violent predator he missed his daughters graduation because he wasn’t allowed on school grounds. Other than the two times he was arrested for failure to register he has had no other criminal acts of any kind the first time I bailed him right out charges were dropped after I proved he registered. The second time he was picked up in another state while he was working as an over the road trucker the dog was impounded so was the rig after 8 days he was transferred home 2 months awaiting hearing the state couldn’t prove their case and he was released on ankle monitoring. He was released without prejudice but we lost his job our home and nearly everything else. That is it on his record other than minor traffic Tickets now we are in Indiana and he’s at the lowest level he’s ever been with no restrictions he can go to the schools and do things with our three youngest kids he hasn’t been able to do before. I would just like it to revert back to the 25 years he was given so we have a chance at life our kids could have friends I could have friends and not worry that my job will find out or the kids friends will and what would it cause them. We don’t do birthday parties unless the parents know the kids don’t have friends over I don’t trust anyone anymore we have lost our home many times the last time put us homeless for an entire summer another in a shelter for 31 days. There has to be an end point for someone I could see a multiple offender being on for life but not someone who served their time and probation only to be slapped with registering and have it changed without a trial or notification of the action. I want justice for my husband who was convicted on zero evidence there wasn’t a shred of evidence and after doing my research when they say this first happened he didn’t even know the child and wasn’t ever around her. It is also notable that the child’s grandfather is a multiple convicted offender with the child’s mother and countless other girls and was never looked at in this case.