Reply To: Have we reached the sex offender registration tipping point?


I also am hindered IN LIFE because of a mistake I did make. I blame my lack of judgement of the affect of alcohol. I have not had or wish a drop since, even if I did drink my lesson of correction has been ingrained in my mind as wrong and a very painful experience for all concerned.
The laws as others stated are too broad, covering everybody of a sexual related crime, i do have a BEAUTIFUL daughter, wife, mom, aunt etc and know the reality of my actions.
I ask the legislators to take a more solution based action, not a wich hunt, in order to please the public . LEGISLATOR Stand up be counted as a realistic elected person not to waste money. REVAMP, REWRITE THESE LAWS TO STOP RECIDIVISM. DO NOT HURT THOSE IN REPAIR, WE ARE CITIZENS THAT VOTE
ALSO. Jonathan B, (member of F.A.I.R .org Maryland). thanks for free speech