Reply To: Have we reached the sex offender registration tipping point?

Just Want To Protect My Kids

To Whom this may concern,
I grew up being taught NO means NO, which I fully understood and I was taught by my Parents to respect ladies and their wishes. Never did I understand (in those young adult days), that when they say YES it means NO if they are not old enough to decide. ( i didn’t have a law degree at age 19)

I was a shy young kid who didn’t have to many girlfriends. When I was NineTEEN years old I was a typical Young Dumb guy who was considered an Adult by Law, but still a Teen Kid At Heart, who failed to verify the age of another TEEN. Which this teen girl said and looked 16, (which is still a crime, & I now know & understand that she was not old enough to consent)
I have been on the registry for many years now, and when I was sentenced, I agreed to a 6 year suspended sentence, and to register for 10 years, and complete rehabilitation treatment. Probation is done, Treatments Done (very low threat status), and now Illinois labels me a sexual predator, and says life registration should fit my crime better.

Anyways, as I have endured this punishment and traveled this journey, I have come to realize that the system is not setup to protect people at all. Not even (non-criminalized citizens).
I have come to this conclusion, as I now 33 years old, The registry has caused so many relationships to fail due to every woman I have dated, end up with people threatening every piece of their dignity, their right to goto church, and people begin to look at my girlfriend as a criminal as well, Just by being associated with me. Then when its not general society picking on them, it is Judges threatening to give custody of their children to the fathers, if the women continue to date me.


But all this I can almost understand, as society has been taught to fear “sex offenders”. Even I was taught that, and I do still fear the “Real” Criminals in society (as I myself have kids).

The only thing I know 100% I have done right in my life, is be a great father, as I have custody of my two daughters (which are more safe and loved with me, than anyone else in the world). But due to my registration, my daughters get picked on about how bad their dad is. As well as my daughters have to endure the comments & harassment people make towards me, while we are grocery shopping, etc. My oldest, ask me… Daddy why are people so mean?… I told her very calmly, BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY ARE “TRAINED” TO DO.

All I want is to be a Positive Father Figure in my kids lives, They shouldn’t be punished (as how is the registry helping protect children, when the law helps victimizes children of people, with a cruel & unusual limitless punishment.


I am currently going to college full-time, with hopes of obtaining a reasonable paying job, and providing a great life for my children, so they wont have to struggle as hard as I have.

During my time in college, I came to realize threw conversations that a lot of these young adults (18-20) are still dating high school students 17 and younger. So is the registry, teaching these immature young adults anything? I can honestly say that I spend a lot of time talking these young guys out of messing up their lives. I talk to them about not having kids to young, i prevented one student from trying to kill themselves over women, most of all I do my best to help them understand why they shouldn’t be having underage sex, in hopes they will stop and not have their lives ruined at such as young age.

Sad thing is last week I was arrested, for failure to register at the College security office (which I was unaware I had to do, since I was registered on my official registry with ISP, stating that I was going to that college) Id been going there for 4 years now. Here comes another felony, and the fear of letting my children & family down if I have to go to prison. All because I was uninformed of that political policy.

Are they trying to Prevent me from doing good?

Please, no matter what problems you have faced in life, if you get anything outta this post, please help young adults to learn from our mistakes, and not have to learn when they are facing the consequences.

I plan to spend my life helping people, learn from my mistakes.