Reply To: Have we reached the sex offender registration tipping point?

Bill Recter

I would like to say that when a person “Man” is forced to sign a paper that gives all authority figures the right to restrict …the “Offender” or stay rotting in jail….THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS! which in and of its self is not suppose to just happen!, because if it this happened in the past, lets say 15-20 years ago….once offended certainly does not mean a continuing thing! so is this justice! “The Law is Breaking the Law! To be released with stipulations, restrictions, etc for a life sentence is ridiculous ! If Hannabal Lector broke out of prison ..Of Course! but the case after case of average prisoner should not be happening! Of course in the name of the law! it is done after all, they could, might do it again ! according to some skewed statistic “Recidivisim” yes, some clearly need more help than others! HELP does not mean Forced Coercion or manipulating the laws to get what the majority want based/Drawn off the “Fears and bulled Laws! People have the right to have representation and legal rights already at this point! Most offenders are given a short time to present themselves to a committee after release to determine what tier level and if they should be put on the registry! This of course is difficult for released prisoners, why? well who is representing them to ensure they are not dragged on and on into a deeper controlling system and all possibilities for a healthy life is disrupted! How does a man be normal, act normal, and feel normal ! How can a man be a Citizen of this Country and have NO Core/basic/fundamental rights ????Unbelievable!
If a armed bank robber kills a teller and is later caught! does the law/Society say and record every move after the robbers is served the full penalty and is released are they Labeling, berating, targeting him! Does the law put laws in effect that bar him from ever dealing with banks (near, around), financial institutions etc! Ridiculous! Example, again! Does a one time homosexual act make one a homosexual? or if a young person steals several times, are they labeled etc. a habitual offender or given continual punishment? Does the Law have the right to destroy lives! health, financial well being or reputations, with fear based Laws?

Thanks! for listening!