Reply To: Have you heard about sex trafficking?


I live in North Georgia, and one of the more recent “human trafficking” cases here in Atlanta was fascinating. A successful man puts an advertisement up on in the men seeking women section of the website (which requires a user to say they are 18+) that says nothing about human trafficking or minors. ICE agent responds to his ad, and asks him if he’ll help find a husband for his “girlfriend’s niece”. The guy in the transcripts (I didn’t find the audio recordings) asks the agent if this 16 year old is “being sold or something like that”. Agent responds verbatim “No man, its nothing like that, she’s family. She’s just moving between family to family”. The mark then goes on to STATE HE WANTS NOTHING TO DO with human trafficking, and the agent assures him that the girl (legal in Georgia) is not being trafficked and it’s “nothing like that”. The mark moves forward by helping to pay to move the agents family member into the United States… Dumb right, but as far as he knew it was legal (age of consent is 16 in Georgia)

The man was arrested for human trafficking, and when the man plead guilty to “enticement of a minor”, DHS/ICE puts out a press release stating this case proves that human trafficking is a problem in Atlanta… This is pure ingenuity. No victim, no minor, told by agent it was “nothing like” human trafficking, and the DHS comea back and states this proves human trafficking is an issue…. The guy is serving 10 years for it.

Don’t they know people can look at cases on PACER?