Reply To: Reform Sex Offender Laws, Inc. demands full investigation of inmate beating and death


If there is an accusation of a sex crime in American law there is no need for a guilty verdict.. For the uninitiated here is a quick run down of American mob rule at its finest:

1st: The accusation…. Wife is mad at you? Girl friend didn’t get the ring she wants? Daughter or son got grounded for misbehavior? You got a raise instead of your co-worker?You had too much to drink and were walking home couldn’t reach a bathroom? THESE ARE ALL VIABLE GROUNDS FOR AN ACCUSATION..
2nd.. The rest. No matter what the charge you are now branded a rapist/peadophile… You are now guilty, You have no right to a defense,there is no statute of limitations, there is no ex post factos or constitutional protection, heresy is perfectly acceptable as long as it is against you but nOT if it is for you..welcome to your living death…case closed..